Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jaguar Rex Version 2

Here's an update to the jaguar-based T-Rex head I had been coloring. I'm not sure if he needs a body or if he should just stay as a head.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Skateboard Design for Illustration Class

Sorry for the lack of updates. Getting sick caused me to fall behind on my schoolwork, and it basically took me until now to get caught back up.

Anyway, for my Illustration II class we had to make a design for a skateboard, by painting directly onto an actual skateboard deck. My theme was Mexico City, using a "modern" Aztec style. Um, it was fun?There's an unseen detail to it. Last semester I mixed black light sensitive paint in with a project I did for a class, because the theme of the project was a song/band whose era went with the blacklight theme. A couple of my classmates told me to bring that back just for fun, so here is how the skateboard appears under blacklight:

I apologize for the poor photo quality and the shoddy photoshop splicing on the blacklight version. I didn't have the time to take better photos before it was due for class.