Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Left4Dead Hunter Costume for Halloween 2010!

I've been super busy with life lately... During the Summer, it was my job, and now I have school work.

Still, I feel like I should give this blog thing another shot.

Why not start back up by showing my Halloween costume for this year?

This year I dressed up as a zombie creature from the game "Left 4 Dead," known as a Hunter. Here's the concept art of one, for comparison.

I had a lot of fun making the costume, mostly because I couldn't afford to spend anything on it. It was interesting trying to find "free" alternatives to methods you would usually use... it was also my first time trying to do "horror" make-up. That was the most fun out of all it!

Here's some photos of how it turned out:

Those first three photos were taken by my friend, Connie. I may have gotten distracted from acting the part of a hunter by awesome fish...

The above photo was cropped, because I wasn't sure if Connie wanted me posting a picture of her up here. She dressed up as Louis from Left4Dead, and our friend Erin dressed up as Francis. It was amazing.This second set of photos was taken by my friend Molly, aka freckledlass here on blogger.

In all the costume cost less than $10 dollars. The hoodie was $1 at a garage sale, the pants and shows were old beat-up clothes I had. The fake teeth were $2, and I also bought fake nails for $2 and some cheap black and white make-up for $2. Everything else was made or "left overs" from previous costumes. The fake blood I made out of red paint, milk, chocolate sauce, and corn syrup. The gross "skin" was dried acrylic paint.

Anyway, it was a ton of fun.

I'm hoping to make a post of carved pumpkins soon!