Thursday, December 30, 2010

Various POKEMON Doodles

I... actually have a lot of doodles/sketches on my harddrive that I haven't posted. Hmm. I always keep forgetting to do it.

Looking through my doodle folder I noticed a lot of them were related to Pokemon, so, that is the theme of this doodle post!

I tend to draw my Pokemon a lot angrier looking than they are in the games or anime. If I was stuck in a ball all day and ordered around by a 10 year old, I'd be angry too.

The above is my imaginary team I'd have as a Gym Leader, consisting of ONLY CAT POKEMON. I'd give out the hairball badge.

That last one is Bowser, who very much is not a pokemon. He was saved in the same folder, though, so I figured why not upload him too. If Bowser WAS a Pokemon, he'd sure be on my team.